Rohit Bal Jewellery

Rohit Bal, a designer par excellence, has not just proven himself time and again in creating designer fashion wear but is the naughty boy of fashion who loves to step out of his comfort zone to experiment in other areas—one such area being jewellery. With the Indian gems and jewellery sector ranking among one of the largest in the world, it was time for Rohit Bal to veer into this territory. It all started in 2008 when Rohit Bal entered into a partnership with the diamond jewellery manufacturer Kirtilals to lace their collection with couture carats. This opportunity marked Rohit Bal’s foray into jewellery design, lending his distinguished design style to the first fine jewellery collection titled Jewelled Garden - the Lotus Collection. Rohit Bal designs set a benchmark in designer jewellery for weddings. In 2018, Rohit Bal once again took his jewellery design a step ahead with the world-famous Swarovski to create Husn-e-Taa’iraat, a jewellery collection inspired by flora and fauna. Since then, the designer has worked relentlessly to give the modern-age bling a touch of class.You can also shop designer sarees, lehengas, anarkalis, jackets and tunics.


Rohit Bal Brooch and Cufflink

From a vintage look to a modern look, the Rohit Bal jewellery collection uses Swaroski crystals and metal alloy. The pieces reflect the patina technique to oxidize the metal and a snow setting technique to set the crystals close together. His more recent Guldastah collection of fashion clothing and jewellery is an ode to the magnificent valley of Kashmir where he grew up as a child among the beauty of flowers. In Rohit Bal jewellery, art is an emotion inspired by nature. The contemporary couturier offers designer jewellery from fun to formal wear. The accessory helps to complete the look for any bride or groom. If you are one of the few who share a discerning taste and eye for designer jewellery, then pick a Rohit Bal Swaroski jewel. Ideal for destination weddings, find a dancing peacock cufflink or a parrot broach and get ready to shine anywhere, anytime.Checkout designer bags by Rohit Bal.