Rohit Bal bags

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then designer bags are her friends' circle. Rohit Bal, who is among Indias' top fashion designers, has seamlessly contributed to men’s fashion wear and women’s fashion wear with designer bags and more. Rohit Bal, the successful and respected designer called “India’s Master of fabric and fantasy” by Time Magazine in 1996, has left no stone unturned in his journey to bring Indian fashion to the international scene. In 2017, Rohit Bal ventured into designing bags by entering into a collaboration with Spice Jet. His designer bags became a fantasy-like fashion accessory using Indian embroidery with contemporary designs. It soon developed into a must-have for every one of those fashionistas who desired an all-inclusive designer look. You can also shop designer lehengas, anarkalis, sarees, jackets and tunics for women.


Rohit Bal Embroidered Bags

Rohit Bal bags feature clutch bags, handbags, sling bags, and leather bags.The Zardozi embroidery on each of these designer bags from Rohit Bal has captured images of a bullet bike, a pair of parrots, a horse-drawn carriage, a Viking ship, and even a vintage car in modern design form and colour. The designer has used high-quality leather, satin, and suede to add a feel of luxury to the most unusual designer bags. Rohit Bal, the entrepreneur, now has a collection of designer bags for women. Today Rohit Bal designer bags have become an essential accessory in the wardrobes of the upwardly mobile woman. They are the perfect companion at cocktail parties or winners at weddings. Wherever you go, make sure a Rohit Bal bag follows you so. In 2019, Rohit Bal collaborated with the Swedish beauty brand, Oriflame, to launch a range of bags inspired by luscious chrysanthemums. The maverick is today making his lines available on the online portals saying, “I’d be very much pleased making 20 million people buy stuff and feel happy than dressing one celeb for the ramp.” So, click away and have a Rohit Bal designer bag delivered to your doorstep. Checkout designer jewellery by Rohit Bal.