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Rohit Bal Shawls For Men

The easiest and effortless way to dress up a sherwani or a bandhgala at a winter wedding is to throw a shawl over it. And if you want to go a notch further, buy a designer shawl from Rohit Bal shawl collection. Rohit Bal, India’s leading fashion designer, makes his mastery of the craft appear on each and every shawl. The graceful prints go hand in hand with modern design to appeal to any well-dressed male. Rohit Bal shawls don’t just promise to keep the icy winds away but also tell a story of their own. Shawls are a perfect Gift for Uncles or fathers. Get them at

Designer Shawls For Men

While Rohit Bal shawls are modern and magical, they also draw inspiration from the historical and predominant paisley motifs. He uses digital prints mostly on a linen base or khadi base shawl that is most suitable for Indian climate and Indian grooms. Rohit Bal designer shawls for men are available in indigo, beige, and black backgrounds.


Rohit Bal Kashmiri Shawls

Traditional shawls have been an essential accessory for the groom and guests at Indian weddings. Few stylish men also wear them to kavi sammelans, informal get-togethers, and festive occasions. The many portraits of the 18th and 19th century have depicted Indian men in priceless jamawar shawls, wearing them over the left shoulder as a mantle. While traditional Indian shawls have been synonymous with Kashmir and words like Designer Pashmina Shawls, cashmere, toosh, and kani, the more modern shawls are synonymous with Indian designer names. Rohit Bal is one such beloved Kashmiri-origin designer who has embodied the design of Kashmiri shawls through kashida, the embroidery form that has no wrong side to it, in his designer shawls for men. Be ready to own and wrap the pleated Rohit Bal shawl over one shoulder and then take it under your other to get for the best look of the season. Today, a designer shawl is more of an essential accessory than a luxury, so go ahead and indulge in it. If you have an eye for fine things, you’d love to accessorize the plainest outfit with a Rohit Bal shawl. You can also shop jackets, shirts & kurtas for men.